A funny cartoon webcomic comic strip by Kevin McShane

Introducing FCFCP Remix Files™

Think you’re funnier than me? You’re probably right. That’s why I’m giving you the chance to remix your favorite FCFCP strips into something better by introducing FCFCP Remix Files™.

Remix files comparison

FCFCP Remix Files™ are the same FCFCP strips you love with all the unfunny text removed, ready for you to insert your own, better jokes. You’re welcome.

FCFCP Remix File How ToJust click on the “Show Details” link below any strip and look for the Remix Files links. Most remix files have both black and white and color versions for your mash-up pleasure.

If you’re feeling frisky, be sure to send me your remixed strips. I’ll repost the best ones here and hang my head in shame.

FCFCP Remix Files™ : Because You’re Funnier Than Me

Legal Note: These remix files are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution/Non-Commerical License, meaning you have to give me credit when you post them and you can’t use them in any way to make yourself money or I can sue your ass. So don’t be a dick, okay?