400 Fictional Pro-Wrestlers : Part 3

400 Fictional Pro-Wrestlers : Part 3

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400 Fictional Pro-Wrestlers : Part 3
November 17, 2013
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400 Fictional Pro-Wrestlers is a series of 400 fictional pro-wrestler names written by Dave Park and illustrated by me.
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Panel 1

A Kenny Rodgers looking fella with a brown mullet, blue denim shirt with yellow rhinestones, dewdrop sunglasses and lots of chest hair smirks at the camera.

Caption: “The Gamblin’ Man” Jazzy D

Panel 2

A bald headed, mustached man in a dark blue suit, glasses, and black tie looks dour.

Caption: The Tarnish Bureaucrat

Panel 3

A shirtless man with a blonde mullet and a “Z” painted across his face grits his teeth and bulges his eyes out.

Caption: Zazz

Panel 4

An overweight man with a large gut and short hair wears a singlet, heavy gloves, and a green and yellow mask.

Caption: Ricky Botulism