400 Fictional Pro-Wrestlers : Part 2

400 Fictional Pro-Wrestlers : Part 2

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400 Fictional Pro-Wrestlers : Part 2
October 13, 2013
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400 Fictional Pro-Wrestlers is a series of 400 fictional pro-wrestler names written by Dave Park and illustrated by me.
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Panel 1

A muscular Greek man with a Caesar haircut, toga, championship belt, and laurel wreath raises one eyebrow.

Caption: Caligulon

Panel 2

A skinny, androgenous blonde man wearing a tuxedo-style singlet with bow tie and cumberbun holds a cigar and smirks

Caption: Victor Victorious

Panel 3

A heavyweight man with long, scraggly hair and scruffy chin wears a purple singlet and grimaces.

Caption: Strike Fault

Panel 4

A tag team consisting of a white guy who looks like a buff Gallagher and a black guy with a bald head and goatee stand looking tough.

Caption: The Kanyon Krew